Workspace Details

Research shows that people working from shared workspaces feel an increase in creativity, an improvement to their standard of work and an increased ability to focus on their tasks. These spaces are typically large open rooms with several desks or tables set up for independent work. Third Space will provide a similar workspace for parents, including:

  • Dedicated desks and storage for each member to utilize

  • Clean, minimalist and professional decor to maintain productivity

  • Conference rooms of varying sizes equipped with a conference phones

  • High speed internet

  • Access to printer/copier/scanner

  • Free coffee, tea and water

  • Access to kitchen storage, utensils and appliances

  • Community events

childcare Details

The licensed childcare space will provide learning and play space primarily for children ages 6 weeks to 18 months. An average of 8 children will populate a room which will be "self-contained" with all the necessary inventory including cribs, changing station and sink, feeding area, toys, books, etc. Infant rooms will be staffed in a 1:4 ratio.

Parents will be welcome to interact with their children during feeding times. A mother's feeding lounge will be set up with comfortable couches and seating to accommodate nursing and formula-feeding mothers alike, and fathers will be welcome to feed their children in the classroom's feeding area.

Membership Options

Third Space will offer both full-time and part-time membership options to give busy working parents the flexibility they need. These include:

  • Full-time Membership (40 hours per week)

  • Part-time Membership (10 half-days)

Additional Services offered

  • Coworking Space Event Rental (available evenings, weekends)

  • Conference Room Rental


Interested in a more flexible lifestyle? Reserve your spot now for the 2019 opening! Or feel free to contact us with your questions.

Pricing and other details will be posted as opening day draws nearer. Consult the FAQ page for additional information.