#NoMoreCryingMoms: a movement toward a better way

Have you ever been around a woman who's back to work after maternity leave? No matter how career-driven she is, her mind and body are distracted by the fact that she is not with her new baby. 

She probably cried when she dropped baby off before work.

She may be tearful randomly throughout the day when she thinks of baby (which is often...).

She might have to fit pumping breaks into her schedule 2-3 times per day, which may cause guilt (and embarrassment!) as an employee.

She will probably check her phone often to read updates on how baby is doing.

She is probably counting down the minutes until she can go get baby.

The bottom line is: it is unnatural for us to be separated from our infants for 40-60 hours per week, and we are less productive employees when we do it.

Some moms have found solutions to this problem. Some are able to work from home while a nanny cares for baby. Some employers can shoulder the cost of on-site childcare for employees. Other employers can afford to pay for extended parental leave, and a select few will allow babies at work for a few months. The moms who are able to take part in those benefits are the lucky few.

With women now making up 48% of the increasingly mobile workforce in America, this problem is not going anywhere. And now there’s a solution that’s good for both the employee and the employer.

At Third Space Coworking & Childcare, we partner with employers who want to ease the painful transition back to full-time work after maternity (or paternity) leave. Desk-working employees will work remotely from our professional shared workspace while their infant is taken care of under the same roof in a licensed childcare space. Mothers will be able to feed and interact with baby throughout the day, lifting the guilt and biological suffering that comes with separating from their infant for 40+ hours per week. (Which will result in a happier, more productive employee!)

At Third Space, we don’t think working moms should have to cry their way through the day when they’re just trying to bring in income for their families. We believe there’s a better way.


If you believe moms should be lifted up for bringing life into the world and working for their family, join us in the following ways:

  • Everyone
    Write blogs of your return-to-work experience, post pics of the pumping rooms you use at work, bring light to what you’re going through. Tag #NoMoreCryingMoms to join others who say there’s got to be a better way.

  • Moms
    We are featuring stories about women’s experiences transitioning from maternity leave back to work (or to staying at home!) on our blog. Don't worry if you’re not a writer. Email Kate at with your experience. Your story needs to be shared, momma!

  • Employers in Omaha and Lincoln, NE
    If your company allows remote work and values benefits that support women and diversity, a membership with Third Space could be a good fit for your fringe benefits package! Email Matt at for inquiries.