A transition space between maternity leave and full-time work.


We partner with employers who want to ease the painful transition back to full-time work after maternity (or paternity) leave. 

Desk-working employees will work remotely from our professional shared workspace while their infant is taken care of under the same roof in a licensed childcare space. Mothers will be able to feed and interact with baby throughout the day, lifting the suffering that comes with separating from their infant for 40+ hours per week.
The result? Happier, more productive employees.


Reduce tears, guilt, stress

Separation anxiety will be lifted when mom and baby can continue bonding throughout the day.


Increase Productivity

Employees will be free to focus on their tasks and career goals once the distraction and guilt of separation are gone.


Elevate women

Support the fact that new life has been brought into the world and your employees' lives have changed dramatically.


I am really excited about the idea and plan to use the service as soon as I can!
— Ashley K., Mom in Omaha

Very cool! I wish this had been around when I was a single parent.
— Geoffrey S., Dad in Omaha

I love this idea! It’s great for people who have a home-based business or need to get out of their house to work effectively.
— Liz K., Mom in Omaha


Third Space will be opening soon in Omaha, Nebraska.

Secure your spot today at Nebraska's first coworking & childcare space.


This is a completely new model to elevate women in the workplace. We are proud to have these community partners in Omaha, NE as we work toward our launch:


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