Q. Where is third space located?

A. We are currently looking into spaces for lease in Omaha for our first location. The majority of working parents we surveyed in the Pricing and Location Survey are interested in Central West Omaha as their location of choice, so we are presently pursuing opportunities in that area. 


Q. How much will the different memberships cost?

A. Membership cost is TBD at this time, as it will largely be based on the space we secure. Results from our Pricing and Location Survey as well as service rates in the Omaha area indicate that parents in Omaha are paying $1000-$1400 per month for full-time infant care; our full-time memberships will likely be in this same range, with the possibility of employers subsidizing that cost with their corporate partnership. Read more about Third Space corporate partnerships here.


Q. Will the coworking space be quiet, or will there be kids around?

A. It is very important to us to maintain a quiet, professional coworking space for our members to be as productive as possible while on site. However, as our business is centered around enhancing work-life fulfillment for families, we are open to the idea of parents having very young infants close to them in the coworking space; e.g. wearing them in a carrier or having them in a baby seat next to their desk while the baby sleeps. Parents will be asked to keep a general rule of respecting their peers and take noisy babies to the childcare facility. 


Q. As a full-time member Will I have to stay at third space all day every day?

A. While we anticipate members being able to perform the majority of their work remotely with ease, we understand the need to attend certain meetings in person. We will encourage members to be at Third Space at least 75% of their membership time.


Q. can my employer become a corporate partner?

A. For corporate partners we are looking for companies with a large percentage of employees who are desk workers and have the ability to work remotely. These companies typically fall outside the medical, industrial or service industries, but we'd love to discuss the details of a potential relationship no matter your line of business. Fill out the interest form on the Employers page. We look forward to chatting with you soon! 


Q. Why the name "third Space"?

A. In community building, the third space (or third place) is the social surroundings separate from the two usual social environments of home ("first space") and the office ("second space"). Examples of third spaces would be environments such as cafes, clubs, public libraries, or parks. We think the ultimate "third space" for parents will be our coworking and childcare space where work and life can be balanced in a fulfilling way.