There has been a shift in not just U.S. parental leave policies in the past few years, but in the workplace benefits offered to attract and retain parents as employees. This is due to several cultural shifts, but most notably the fact that women are just now at half of the American workforce. These issues have been traditionally women's issues that didn't effect employers at the scale they now do.

Other unique, parent-focused benefits weโ€™ve found companies starting to offer include (credit: Quartz):

  • American Express, Bloomberg, OpenTable, PayPal, Snapchat, Viacom, and Zillow are just some of the companies that provide breastfeeding moms who need to travel for business the possibility of shipping their breast milk home overnight, at no cost to the employee.

  • KKR & Co., a private equity firm, allows working parents to bring a new child and a caregiver on business trips, paid for by the company. 

  • Patagonia allows breastfeeding moms traveling for work to bring along their baby, as well as a family member or a caregiver from the companyโ€™s on-site childcare center, all on the companyโ€™s dime. 

  • Fifth Third Bank, a US Midwest regional bank based in Cincinnati, Ohio, contracted to offer a maternity concierge service to employees in locations across 10 states. 

Our end goal is to offer our services on a national level so that employers of any size can offer this benefit to any employee with the ability to work remotely.

When our daughters are having kids we want it to be normal for them to have the option to work from Third Space after their leave so they can continue bonding with their babies while moving forward in a career. 

Third Space corporate partners

Third Space is looking for progressive employers to partner with in Omaha, Nebraska. Our corporate partners will provide new parent employees with reserved infant childcare for use post parental leave and the opportunity to return to work under the same roof as their new child. These companies are those which:

  • Have a large percentage of employees who are desk workers

  • Allow and enable employees to work remotely

  • Want to offer family- and diversity-friendly benefits

  • Are interested in increasing new parent retention and productivity

  • Seek a market differentiator for talent attraction


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