For the Mommas, from Kate ❤️

Me and Baby Teddy at our favorite taco spot in Omaha (Hoppy Taco 🌮)

Me and Baby Teddy at our favorite taco spot in Omaha (Hoppy Taco 🌮)

So, it’s mother’s day again already. This is my 4th (wait.. 2015, 16, 17, 18, 19) 5th year being celebrated as a mom, and I’m straight up emotional about it. 

Last weekend I got in spring purge mode and cried twice over baby pictures. Once this week I cried during a meditation session (that’s never happened to me before!) because the memory of having my son – who came out breech – popped up in my mind. 

Last week Third Space sponsored the mother’s lounge at a women’s event in town and I teared up during a conversation with a woman about the struggle of moms returning to work after maternity leave. It’s been years now since I went through that struggle, and I’ve had HUNDREDS of conversations about this topic over these past few years… yet I’m still as passionate (and emotional) about this as ever. 

The fact that working women in the U.S. are just expected to silently handle the visceral pain of separating from their new baby because they need to bring in income for their family… it still makes my blood boil and my heart sink simultaneously. It just shouldn’t be this way. 

I’ve been working harder than I knew I could over the past several years to make Third Space a reality for working parents in Omaha. I have a small village working with me now to make this thing come to life by the end of the year. We’ve had parents on board for years (Hugs to you, my people! Your support keeps me going!), and we now have employers, investors, lawyers, a landlord and even a banker who are working with us to make it for real-real. 

We are inches away from being able to make some exciting announcements to you guys, and I can’t WAIT to do so!

In the mean time, I want to tell the mommas out there that you’re incredible. I’ve had the privilege of being mothered by an extraordinarily kind and generous woman, who has been friends over the years with many strong, like-minded women I’ve adopted as aunties. My sister, in-laws, aunts, cousins, friends, co-workers, whip-smart ladies in my Omaha community: your beauty, depth and creativity within motherhood inspires me everyday. I aspire to be like you in so many ways! 

Happy Mother’s Day, mommas ❤️ I wish you a day filled with an abundance of appreciation, joy and cozy snuggles!