An apology… and an introduction!

Third Space is a coworking + childcare concept coming soon to Nebraska, the brainchild of yours truly, Kate White, a working mom new to all things business, spreadsheets and pro formas. This blog is a documentation of my journey to entrepreneurship. 🤓 

5:13AM Feb–, no March 1

I’m still wearing my Christmas socks around here, and all the sudden it’s spring? 😳 (Anyone else feel like each year goes by faster than the last?!)

I’ve been meaning to write a Happy New Year post since the end of December, and I’m just now sitting down to do the thing. After my baby was born (last JUNE), I was intending to write all these blog posts about my new baby and my second transition back to work and blablaYAWN. Instead of rambling on about the busy-ness of life (“I work full-time! I’m breastfeeding! I’m starting a business! My parents were in town! The laundry! The house! The kids! The cat!”), I’ll spare you that snooze fest and venture to write you something rarely read on the interwebs… 

an apology. 

You are just as busy as I am, my wonderful reader, and I like to think you get it. 


I like to think you know how weekdays feel like Survivor for Moms in which you bounce from home to work to meetings to pump sessions (and thank God for laptops so you can keep working while you pump!), then back home to start the evening routine with kids and spouse…

I like to think you don’t mind that I haven’t sent out update emails consistently or kept you looped in to the ups and downs of starting Third Space because you “get it”…

I like to think you don’t care that I don’t have a very consistent blogging schedule because you “get it”… 

You get why I haven’t been good to you, right?

The truth is, I can be better.

If you’re reading this blog post or you’ve signed up for the emails or joined me on social media, you’ve said yes to giving me your attention. Which is incredibly humbling. And totally exciting!

Truth is, I’ve never started a business or worked so hard at something that didn’t revolve around school, work or my relationship before. I’ve never had an audience to create content for, let alone “created content”. 

This is all new and exciting (and occasionally overwhelming if I’m being honest!). 

I like to do good work and create high-quality things (creatives say woop!) and I like to spend lots of time to make things perfect.

Welp, I don’t have “lots of time”, but I’ve decided I will be better at making things for you, my people, my fellow working moms and dads who are just as busy as me (or busier! I see you!). I’m going to keep you posted on what’s up around here even if that means getting up at 5am to do so. 

I want you to join in on this adventure because I’m doing it for you! And me! And the future us’s!


So please forgive me for neglecting you, and let’s keep truckin’ together, shall we?

Speaking of lots of time, I have been taking lots of time to create Third Space itself, as many of you you joined me 18+ months ago know. Turns out it’s not super quick and/or easy to create a totally new business under a totally new business model with a dual-sided market, let alone find a space to lease that’s good for office AND licensed childcare 🤓 But guess what! I’m not alone in this!

Last fall one of my husband’s good friends reached out to have a conversation about becoming a Third Space partner after a dinner between our two families (during which I blabbed on and on about how great Third Space is going to be, which happens all the time… not sure why we don’t get invited out more often? 🤔) 

Anyway, he’s a B2B salesman by trade (hello!) and has experience working with startups. He’s also a working parent with 3 kids under 3 at home, so… he gets it. His skillset, experience and drive to build a successful business are one of the most apparent God-sends I’ve seen in my life (the #1 MOST apparent God-send would have to be the team of doctors who were already scrubbed up outside the delivery room door when my baby decided to come out foot first… but that’s for another day).


So, I’m honored to introduce you to Matt Cade who is working with me to launch Third Space later this year. (Check him out on LinkedIn or Facebook if you want the 411.) We are hustlin’ our working parent booties off to get this mother off the ground, people! More exciting details to come!

But for now…

Are you interested in helping us out? We need referrals! 

We are looking for employers in Omaha AND Lincoln with a large percentage of desk workers who are open to a conversation about a new benefit (that will especially support women in the workplace!)

If you know someone in upper management, or an HR director at your work, drop me a line at (I’ll send you a real, live, hand-written thank you! And maybe even a Starbucks card! 🤘🤩🤘 #workingmoms #needcaffeine #thestruggleisreal) 

Also, I want to leave you with this image, which is part of my Third Space vision board and makes me smile every time: