Working mom profile: Jackie Maniscalco

Jackie Maniscalco worked in Information Technology near Philadelphia, PA, for two maternity leaves and transitions back to work. She was able to work from home after having both kids, but it wasn’t without stress! Here is her mom story:

My two stories have happy endings - I am very fortunate to work for a large company that offers a generous maternity leave and flexible remote options. I live outside Philly and work mostly remotely; we have an office about 25 minutes away but my team/manager are in NJ so I go there when I have to go in. I was able to take six months off for maternity leave and have been able to work from home afterward with both babies. The pump and I do NOT get along so I had to come up with a way to achieve my breastfeeding goals while working, including pulling my older one out of daycare after less than a week, getting a nanny, renting a hospital grade pump (that I would use only one time/day if I had to go into the office), bringing my baby and nanny to the office and stashing them in a conference room... Probably not typical for most working moms (and, again, I feel lucky!) but it doesn't mean it wasn't a stressful transition either time, figuring these things out and negotiating them with managers.

The photo is from "Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day" in April of this year. I was *supposed* to bring the nanny with me along with the two kids. We'd been telling my older one (age 5) about it all week and he was so excited. Turned out the nanny's mother had a medical emergency two days prior to the event (she was okay but required emergency surgery). My son would have been so disappointed not to go, so although I had meetings with vendors and the big big boss, I did it alone with both kids. One stroller, lots of toys, one Moby wrap, an understanding manager and some lucky timing (given the theme of the day - kids were everywhere). It was so exhausting - personally and professionally, but I'm glad I did it. During one of the meetings that day, I had to bounce the baby to sleep in the Moby - not my finest hour... I was also grateful for the silence when they both fell asleep on the 1.5 hour drive home (during which I finished my last conference call).

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