Survey Results and Call for Help!

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s 2017 and the year is pregnant with possibility. Or that just might be me. Anyway, I personally have ten goals in hand for the year (first time I’ve ever made goals, let alone ten…) AND have chosen the word “completion” for the year (because it seemed slightly more sexy than “follow-through” or “discipline”).

I wanted to post the highlights from the Pricing and Location Survey that was posted a few weeks ago. Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey or shard the link on social media, by the way. We had 60 responses, the majority of which lined up perfectly with the plans and projections I’ve been working on, which was really exciting! (If you're a working parent in Omaha and haven't taken the survey – feel free to get in on the action now.)

The main survey takeaways:

  • Parents in Omaha are interested in Third Space!
    • 59% are Likely or Very Likely to purchase a membership.
  • Parents are willing to pay the projected price. 
    • 62% would expect to pay $1200/month or more for a full-time membership to Third Space.
  • Parents understand the value of being onsite with their babies.
    • 66% of respondents listed proximity to baby and ability to nurse on demand as what they like most about Third Space concept.
  • Central-West Omaha location is preferred.
    • 33% listed Central West Omaha (90th-156th along Dodge Street Corridor) as their preferred location.
  • Flexible membership options are a must.
    • The responses were all over the board for the question “Within a work week, how often would you use Third Space?” E.g. 46% answered Various full or half days, depending on the week, which tells me the modern parent’s schedule varies a ton, even week to week!

Next steps… the inside scoop… I need your help!
With plans and projections in hand, the next steps are to find 5+ companies in Omaha by April 1 who will sign a letter of intent to be corporate partners with Third Space. I’m looking for companies outside of the medical, industrial or service industries who fall into the category of “progressive employer”. I’ve pegged this type of employer as those which offer any of the following:

  • ability to work remotely
  • personal laptop
  • paid parental leave
  • flexible schedule

If you work for such a company or would like more details on what a Corporate Partnership will entail, please reach out to Kate via I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great week at the gym, everyone! 😉